How to buy $Tree

The following instructions will guide you step by step on how to buy Treenetics token on DxSale

Step 1: Create a wallet
First, you have to create a metamask or Trustwallet wallet . Keep your phrase a secret. Never share it with anyone and store it properly

Create a Trustwallet
Download Trustwallet and create a wallet. Keep your recovery phrase a secret, never share it with anyone! Make sure to choose a strong password.

Add Treenetics to your Trustwallet:
Tap the icon on the top right. Scroll down and tap “Add custom token”
Change the network from “Ethereum” to “Smart Chain”.
Copy Treenetics´ contract address : 0xcceb0eb522bbed4568cbbb7b1a9f6a9b96bb9f66
and paste it in the Contract Address Box

Tap “Done” and you have successfully added Treenetics to your wallet.


Create a Metamask wallet
Download Metamask and create a wallet, by following the instructions given by Metamask. Choose a strong password and keep your phrase secret! Never share it with anyone, make sure to store it safely.

Add Binance Smart Chain Network
Tap on settings and go to “Networks”. Then tap “Add Network”. Fill in the empty spots:

Network name:  Smart Chain
Chain ID:  56
Symbol:  BNB
Block explorer URL:

“Add” the Binance Smart Chain network. Make sure this network is selected when sending/receiving BNB.

For more information:


Add token

Click on add token on your Metamask homescreen
Copy and paste our token address: 0xcceb0eb522bbed4568cbbb7b1a9f6a9b96bb9f66
Click on next and then on add token to finish the setup.


Step 2: Buy BNB

Tap on “BNB” on the main screen, then tap “Buy”. To buy BNB it may require KYC verification, so be sure to have your documents ready to prove your identity. 
Depending on which transaction provider you choose this process may take some time, so be patient.

For Metamask or alternatively, you can purchase BNB on other exchanges like Binance and send it to your wallet. This step may also require KYC verification.

You can also buy BNB on other exchanges (e.g. Coinbase) and then send it to your Metamask or Trustwallet.

Step 3: Buy Treenetics on DxSale pre-sale

Once you got BNB in your Trustwallet/Metamask wallet. Open (Treenetics DxSale) and tap “WALLET CONNECT” to connect with your wallet.

Choose the Treenetics pre-sale and contribute the amount you desire.

Your contribution helps us come closer to our goal, to create a sustainable and ecological cryptocurrency!


Any more questions or suggestions?