Our Vision

In the last months, the attention for cryptocurrencies among the general public skyrocketed. More and more people got interested in cryptocurrencies, this strongly increased trading activity and therefore also the carbon dioxide output. It is just devastating how much energy crypto trading consumes. We tough we just have to do something about that – the idea for Treenetics was born. Our token makes a positive impact on the environment with every transaction – becoming the first carbon-negative cryptocurrency.

planting trees

Cryptocurrencies must not harm the environment!

At the moment, most cryptocurrencies emit millions of tons of carbon dioxide due to their enormous energy consumption through mining (Proof of Work).
Treenetics is based on the very efficient BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that uses PoA (Proof of Authentification) which is way more efficient. Combined with our unique tokenomics we will repair environmental damage with every trade. We provide a bridge between the digital cryptocurrency world and real-world charities/projects to make a meaningful impact on our planet, as well as, inspiring others to follow our example. Together with a strong community and partners, we will change the crypto game forever for the better!

Every transaction uses only 25 Wh. In comparison, Bitcoin uses 1135000 Wh per transaction and therefore resulting in an CO2 output of approximately 500kg. This means bitcoin uses over 45000 times as much energy per transaction as Treenetics. 
However, in our vision, 25 Wh per transaction is still too much. This would normally result in 12,5g of CO2 per transaction. This may sound like nothing, however when multiplied by thousands of transactions every day it still makes a huge impact.

For every 10kg carbon dioxide emitted through transactions we will plant 300 trees and therefore become carbon negative by 300x. This means every transaction removes around 3,75kg of C02. It must also be mentioned that our calculation only considers one year. This means in reality every transaction contributes much more over the years.