The world’s first carbon neutral+, community-driven, fair launched, static rewards token. Every transaction removes 3,75kg of carbon dioxide from our earth’s atmosphere!

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What is Treenetics?

Our vision is to change the whole crypto-space and transition into a carbon-neutral future. Cryptocurrencies must not harm the environment! Our token makes a positive impact on the environment with every transaction – becoming the first carbon-negative cryptocurrency. Every transaction is carbon negative by 300 times!

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Carbon neutral+

Carbon neutral+ means that every transaction isn´t just carbon neutral. Every transaction is carbon negative and removes 3,75kg of CO2 from the earth´s atmosphere! We achieve this by planting trees.

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Save our planet

Treenetics goes much further than only being carbon neutral+. With the remaining funds from the fee, we want to donate to other environmental protection projects. Together we can save our planet!

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Community driven

It is important to us that everyone has a voice. We want to be truly community-driven! Everyone will be able to vote or give suggestions for what project we should donate to. We want to support each other, in the end, we all live on the same planet.

Trees are a natural solution to reduce our carbon footprint

We all have to take care of our planet for current and future generations. Part of that responsibility is reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, offsetting what we can’t reduce, and building a carbon-neutral or even better carbon negative future. It is time to take positive steps to offset your carbon emissions.

planting trees
what can be done with 3,75kg co2

Every transaction is carbon neutral+

This means every Treenetics transaction removes around 3,75kg C02 from our earth’s atmosphere. Treenetics is, therefore, carbon-negative by 300x.


The 10% trade fee provides the funding for every transaction to be carbon neutral+ and a combination of rewards to token holders and to provide liquidity.


is redistributed to all holders, proportional to the amount of Treenetics tokens they hold.


goes into the liquidity pool. 
70% of the newly accumulated LP token are removed every week in order to finance becoming carbon negative. The rest of the LP is looked for maximum safety.


of every transaction goes into the environment protection wallet (after the LP extraction). This wallet allows us to become carbon negative and support other projects with donations.

For in-depth information on Tokennomics open our Whitepaper


Treenetics is launched on DxSale, which is providing a fair launch for everyone. The main liquidity pool will be locked on DxLocker for 5 years. We will also lock the newly accumulated LP tokens which are not extracted for planting trees every month with DxLocker.

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Locked Liquidity Pool

The main LP is locked and the newly accumulated LP tokens will be locked monthly to ensure safety for everyone. The trade fee is also hard coded to a maximum of 10%. Fees will only become lower in the future!

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Everything about Treenetics is 100% transparent and safe. Every transaction in the public available donation wallet will be proven and comprehensible for everyone.

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Flexible and scalable

Every transaction generates LP tokens automatically – this means Treenetics scales automatically according to demand. We will also decrease the trade fee in the future in order to boost trading activity.

100% safe and unruggable

The main liquidity pool will be locked on DxLocker for 5 years. We will also lock the newly accumulated LP tokens which are not extracted for planting trees every month with DxLocker. This makes Treenetics technically unruggable and safe.


Q2 2021
  • Project idea
  • Token concept
  • Code development
  • Website design
Q3 2021
  • Launch of our website
  • Whitepaper launch
  • Social media channels
  • Marketing
  • Fair launch on DxSale
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Become carbon neutral+
  • Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko listing
Q4 2021
  • Supporting community chosen projects
  • Launch on other exchanges (Bitmart…)
  • Announce partnerships with organizations
  • Launch merchandise
Q1 2022
  • Website v2 launch
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Launch of NFT´s
  • Special NFT fundraising campaigns